Business Electricity Rates- What’s Wrong with What Everyone is Currently Advertising

You should not blindly follow everything all websites say. Almost every website you come across probably promises to offer you the best business electricity rates. And that’s what you’re looking for. But not everyone can deliver.

A typical process for obtaining the best business electricity rate is when a business owner like yourself would go to various energy companies and get different business electricity rates from them. Or you could simply use an energy broker, who will do all the leg work for you and present you with different electricity quotes from different energy companies, and then you simply choose one.

Every brokerage more than likely uses the same method claiming that business electricity suppliers compete for your business. And they do…because when these business electricity suppliers give out quotes, they are aware that their price is going against other business electricity rates from other business electricity suppliers.

Well the problem with this method is the fact that one business electricity supplier cannot know what electricity rate the other energy companies are quoting for you. In other words, that commercial energy company doesn’t know the lowest rate given to you…even if they want to beat that rate and win your business. Because if they knew what the lowest rate is, they might be willing to offer even lower business electricity price, because they want your business badly enough.

But under current “commercial energy companies compete for your business” system that everyone is advertising, this is not possible. Because the suppliers are bidding blindly, meaning they have no idea what other suppliers are bidding. Therefore, you as a customer, cannot get the lowest conceivable business electricity price. Do you see the problem?

But thankfully, you have Cheapest Electricity Price dot com at your service. You just found the website that’s going to help you compare some of the lowest business electricity prices. Don’t worry, we’ll do all the work that’s necessary in order to fetch all those prices for you.

And if you want…you’ll have access to a LIVE Reverse Auction, where the top business electricity suppliers compete for your business in real time right before your eyes. That’s right, you get to watch as your business electricity price drop during a live auction, which could last anywhere from 5 minutes or longer.

If you are a business owner, who uses say around 25,000 kWh/month, you can activate this Reverse Auction right now if you wanted to. But if you use more electricity than this, you can schedule a time giving the suppliers at least 24 hours notice to prepare for your LIVE Real Time Reverse Auction.

This hyper competitive environment breathes healthy competition among the top suppliers. You as the business owner can only walk away as a winner, as you achieve the cheapest business electricity possible anywhere in the market place for your business. Many business owners are really liking this platform:)

Click here to learn more about how we can gather some of the lowest business electricity rates for you. or Call Now 410-861-5994. Mon-Fri 9-5 pm (EST) We’ll take good care of you.


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