Business Electricity Suppliers- How To Get The Best Electricity Price

In today’s tough economy, everyone is looking for ways to save money where they can. That’s why you’re here, right?

Luckily, for businesses who operate in energy deregulated states, they are in luck, because they can quickly and easily lower their monthly electric bill by switching to one of the lower priced business electricity suppliers who service in their area.

As for businesses and commercial electricity customers, the reduction in their monthly expenses could be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Obviously, the more energy you use, you stand to save that much more every month. So now, how do you go about finding that cheapest electricity price from so many of business electricity suppliers for your business.

Traditionally, you could request electricity rate quotes from several different electricity suppliers yourself and when you receive each of their offer, you compare them and choose one.

Or you could work with an energy broker, and let them do all the work on your behalf in order to fetch you different business electricity rates from different business electricity suppliers, and again, you compare them and choose one.

There is a problem with this current method, though.

You see, when each supplier gives an electricity rate quote, they are blind to what electricity rates other suppliers are quoting, for the same account. So if each supplier knew what the other suppliers are bidding for, for that same account, many times, they would’ve come back with a lower price to under bid each other, to win your business. But they can’t do that when you use the current method, because these business electricity suppliers are bidding blindly, meaning no supplier knows what rate to beat in order to win your business. This current system is being advertised by almost all of brokerage firms that you see online and offline.

But, this is your lucky day, you just found a solution to this problem.

I work with an energy clearing house, who figured out how to overcome this problem to guarantee you the best electricity price.

They offer a Live Reverse Auction platform, where for about 5-30 minutes, you would have top business electricity suppliers place bids to win your business, against each other. And this happens in real time right before your eyes, although you don’t have to be there.

Because all the participating business electricity suppliers will know what the lowest bid is, this enables them to underbid each other, to win your business. So this will drive your price point down until the price can’t go any lower. So you walk away with the lowest conceivable electricity price for your business that’s available anywhere in the market place.

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